Peraduan Filem Seram

Info lanjut kat sini. Nak jawab soalan di sini

Sedikit sinopsis filem Ghastly:

Seo-Ni (Han Eun-Jung) raises an orphan named Bin. Seo-Ni then becomes involved in a horrifying mystery and discovers a shocking secret. 
It all begins when Ka-hee (Hwang Ji-hyeon), an emotionally and psychologically damaged woman, finds a spirit medium to help her address her troubles. Her inability to give birth to a child had long tortured her, and now she will do anything to cheat that fate. 
She ends up burying an orphan in a large traditional pot used to burry kimchi underground during the winter and killing him. What she gains for this merciless act is a child of her own. Ka-hee eventually gives birth to a son she names Bin, but Ka-hee soon meets a brutal death.


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saya pulak memmang tak lah kalau nak tengok filem2 seram macam nie....takutt..ehehhehe.. :p