Perkahwinan anjing


Lain padang lain belalang. Lain negara, lain rencah pemikiran dan sosio budaya.

Begitulah yang terjadi di Palm Spring, California di mana sepasang anjing telah di'kahwin'kan oleh tuan mereka. Menurut berita, majlis yang memakan belanja $5,000 tersebut dibuat bertujuan untuk mencari dana bagi Orphan Pet Oasis Humane Society.

Two families united this weekend in Palm Springs, Calif., at a beautiful wedding - for their dogs. The bride, Scruffy Rubin, wore a lovely custom dress, veil and leash. The groom, Snickers Carter, wore a white tuxedo. The $5,000 affair included a live band, cake, open bar, reception and "priest" to perform the vows. The Twitter users quoted above are outraged over the price tag, but one thing to consider before you join in: The dog parents, Ernie Rubin and Ann Carter, used the event to raise money for the Orphan Pet Oasis Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs.