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40th Anniversary of Sesame Street40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

This is google's image today for celebrating Sesame Street 40th Anniversary. Wow it's awesome to see Cookie Monster on it! ahha..
40 Years and Still Counting
I grew up watching this puppet show and now it is one of my kids favvy cartoons series! they knew Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo and Ernie. But....,they love Spongebob and Patrick Star more...hehehe..hahahaha

Feel free to click on the doodles from 4 -10 Nov '09 to get infos about this celebration..

Big BirdErnieHonkersZoeBert

At 32 I am still watching this show. I am still love it and I do feel it is good for my kids to learn. Am I a sesame mother????? hahahahaha..may be I have to explore some parenting tips at Sesame Parents....have fun ya!